Urban Rhythms


MENU takes you to the Menu screen.
INFO takes you to a page that explains the app and has instructions.
For all sketches you can shake the device to clear and begin again.
Tap camera icon to save image to camera roll.

Sketch 1
Tap to draw a figure on the screen. Tapping functions as a pencil that draws a randomly colored and positioned large or small figure to the screen.
Sketch 2
Swipe to draw a line of figures to the screen.

Sketch 3
Swipe to create a series of animated large and small figures that move about the space of the screen. Continued swiping increases the density of the population. Tap to add individual figures.

Sketch 4
Swipe to create a line that becomes populated with animated figures that flow along the path of the line.

Sketch 5
Tilt device to intersect with barriers. Tap to add more figures into the environment. Guide large figures over barriers to release caught figures.

Sketch 6
Tilt device to intersect with colored windows. Figures are drawn to windows of like color. Tap to add more figures into the environment.

Sketch 7
Drag finger to disrupt grid of figures and direct their movement. Press screen to create an attraction point/figure. Hold finger down for 20 seconds to reveal second scene.

Sketch 8
The Unemployed. Tap screen to randomly cycle through 154 countries. Figures represent the percentage of unemployed per country moving within the country's perimeter. To see recent unemployment stats click here.