JODY ZELLEN Exhibition, Press and Event Archive

2024 Projects

Canyon Flats Video Wall

Through the Eyes

Wrong Biennale 06

Face Emojis

Postcards from the Edge 2024

2023 Projects

Incognito 2023

5x5 Exhibition

Bold Journey


Art Block Zine

2 Day / $400 show

CAC Individual Artist Fellowship

Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory

Printed Matter LA Art Bookfair

Art and Tech

Vacations In The Subconscious

Hyperrhiz 23

Kolaj Fest New Orleans

Frontpage Project

Essential Voices Anthology

Sound Pedro 2023

OMAS 7th Annual Exhibition

Spring Invitational


Athens Animfest

MOAH Cedar

Reading Aloud

Going Postal

Carla Review

Postcards from the Edg

2022 Projects

Santa Monica Art Museum

7th Animation Marathon

Bienal Arte Digital 2022


filterinstazine issue 2

Johanna Drucker Substack

Woodbury University

MoCA Lights 2022 | Lights on PAC

The Violence Project 2022

Wonzimer press


Call and Response 17

Personland: black & white

Call and Response 16

ELIT Collection vol. 4

Call and Response 15


Lecture at Grinnell College

Call and Response 14

Personland Spring 2022

Re-Fest 2022

Tune in to Green 6

OMAS 6th Annual Exhibition

Art and Poetry

SciArt Ambassador

Eve Wood Review

Simco Drops

The Art of the Doodle

Free Art

council_st solo exhibition

Digital Vision, Grinnell College

Visual AIDS Benefit

2021 Projects

60 Seconds Festival

The New River

The Next

Digital America Fall 2021

Los Angeles Marathon Nov 7

People: A Multimedia Installation


Found / Made



Santa Monica Fellowship 2021

Boston Cyberarts August 2021

Avenue S Grid

instagram Story of K-rails

K-rail mural Project

Every Woman Biennial

Currents Festival 2021

After Flash

Les Femme Folles

The About Face of Art in L.A.

Art Candy Machine

Covid E-lit exhibition

Covid E-lit Poster

Another Year in LA

Call and Response 13

Review of Art of the Plague Year

The Future of Space // Reflections

Call and Response 12

Entangled Infiltrations

OMAS 5th Annual Exhibition

Printed Matter Book Fair

Tune in to Green

Vale News (UK)

Cheap Freedom Club

California Lite

Art and Cake Studio Visit

Art Homepage Fair

First Day Last Day

Call and Response 11

Artswipe on

Postcards from the Edge

Call and Response 10

Art in the Plague Year at CMP

2020 Projects

2020 One a Day

A Toast to Flash

Shoutout LA Interview

On Covid-19: IMMEMORY

Adjusting the Lens: FEST!

Call and Response 9

Flat Journal

5x5 Art Auction

PCC Student Show

Urban Mobilities

Call and Response 8

Flag Share

Incognito 2020


Call and Response 7

Archive Machines October


Call and Response 6


Video Art Today

Apart or A Part

Call and Response 5

Artforum Collages

Boston Cyberarts Instagram


Archive Machines

Ghost City: Neighborhood Walks

Now Be Here

Athens Digital Arts Festival


Where We Read

Call and Response 4

Art in America - Art & Tech

Living through a Pandemic 2

L.A. Weekly

Hyperallergetic review

Car and Driver

Art Bandanas

Boston Globe

Call and Response 3

Curate LA

Boston Cyberarts

LA Weekly

Drive By Art

We Are Here / Here We Are

Living through a Pandemic

Re-Fest LA 2020

The Future of _Space

Call and Response 2 Quarantine Diary

Stircrazy Vol 2

Hobson's Choice

Call and Response 1



Art Rabbit Newsletter - Ave S

Artillery Newsletter - Ave S

Ghost City Avenue "S"

The W:OW Project

The New River

OMAS Annual Exhibition


Review of Window Dressing

Window Dressing

Unequal Measures Interview

Art + Video

In Verbis Artis

Layered Beyond

Text Show

2 Day

LA ~ AD ~ LE

Postcards from the Edge

2019 Projects

2019 One a Day

Exquisite Corpse

LA ~ AD ~ LE

The Glitch on

Friends and Family

Wellbeing Summit

Word Matters

The Illusion Layer

TechnoMEME 2


CSULA Faculty exhibition

The Regenerates

Meet an Artist Monday


Ultrachrome Plus at DENK

Analogue Sun, Digital Moon

As Is Gallery

2019 COLA Calalog

The Unemployed iOS app

The Unemployed at LAX

Shadow Trees Book

CalArts Alumnx Seed Grant

Hyper-Active, Emerson College

Digital America #13

Networked Disruption

Peripheral Forms



OMAS benefit exhibition

AR photos outside Arena 1 Gallery

Mirror Mirror at CMP

VoyageLA Interview

Art and Cake Artist's Studios

2018 Projects

2018 one a day

2018 one a day words

Curatorial Hub's Holiday Pop Up

PARTITA at Durden and Ray

ArtsWriters Grant

Out in the Street

YOMO / (video documentation here)

Can Triennial

Spell Check

Diversions LA

History of the Future

The New River

Multiple Feeds

Mis (missing) Information

INK at Open Mind Art Space

Digital America

L.A. Times review

Art and Cake review

Every (ongoing) Day


Postcards from the Edge

5x5 Westmount Ridley-Tee Museum

2017 Projects


Roskilde Bibliotek in Denmark


Elemental | Marking Time

10th Kalamata Street Festival

Nobody Walks in LA

The Turn on Literature Prize

Electronic Literature Conference


LAX, Terminal 3

Artspace Article on App Art

ArtsHebdo Media

Disassembled Gallery

Filmideo 2017


E Wide Shut

News Wheel LBCC

Lift Off

On Board

Postcards from the Edge

2016 Projects

Imperial Crenshaw Library


Doodle Box

Code and Noise

Broadcast 2016

Art and Cake

ARTiculAction Interview

COLA 2016

Drawing Center Online Gallery

POST Auction

Festival Miden, Greece

GLITCH at peripheral forms

2016 ELO Conference

Cream City Review

SASSAS fundraiser

TRI (...ed)

Femmes' Video Art Festival 2

KaleidoLA Speaker Series

Archive of Digital Art


Galerie Wechselstrom, Vienna

2015 Projects

Rose Gallery, 2015-16

ISEA 2015, Vancouver

Future and Behind, Venice

A.I.R. Gallery, NYC

From the Barricades, Berlin

Shelved Art II, Pasadena

FILE 2015, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Currents 2015, Santa Fe, NM

New River Journal 2015

Incognito 2015

Durden and Ray, LA 2015

UCR 2015-click for video

Art Goes Electric Billboard, 2015

Sling Shot Fest, 2015

2014 Projects

Carl Solway Gallery 2014

Grand Central Arts 2015

SJICA 2014

Halsey Institute 2014

Public Art 2014

2013 projects

DNJ Gallery 2013

Traction Arts 2013

Midnight Caesura 2013

Poetic Codings 2013

This Side of the 405 2013