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2016 Reviews

Paul Sietsema at Matthew Marks Gallery
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, December 1, 2016

Doug Aitken at MOCA
Artillery, November/December, 2016

Diana Thater at 1301 PE
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, October 19, 2016

Barry Anderson, Timothy Paul Myers, Andrew Barnes at Walter Maciel Gallery
Artillery, September/October, 2016

David Hockney at LA Louver
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, August 25, 2016

Joakim Ojanen at Richard Heller Gallery
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, July 20, 2016

Carmen Argote at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery
Artillery, July/August, 2016

Tabor Robak at Team Bungalow
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, June 15, 2016

Aimee Garcia at Couturier Gallery
Artillery, May/June, 2016

Jennifer Celio at Haphazard
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, April 27, 2016

Artists' Parity at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, March 23, 2016

Evan Trine at Roberts and Tilton
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, March 10, 2016

Kota Ezawa at Christopher Grimes Gallery
Artillery, March/April, 2016

Evan Holloway at David Kordansky Gallery
Artillery, Gallery Rounds, February 17, 2016

Devin Troy Strother at Richard Heller
Artillery, January/February, 2016

Alma Haser at De Soto Gallery
Art and Cake, December 24, 2016

Chris Engman at Luis de Jesus
Art and Cake, December 14, 2016

Tm Gratkowtski at Walter Maciel Gallery
Art LTD, November/December, 2016

Federico Solmi at Luis de Jesus
Art LTD, September/October, 2016

Mary Kelly at Vielmetter Projects
Art LTD, July/August, 2016

Channing Hansen at Marc Selwyn Fine Art
Art LTD, May/June, 2016

Rafael Rozendaal at Steve Turner
Art LTD, March/April, 2016

Tomory Dodge at ACME
Art LTD, January/February, 2016

Jeffrey Vallance at Edward Cella Art & Architecture
ArtScene, November 2016

Shirley Tse at Shoshana Wayne Gallery
ArtScene, July/August 2016

Tomoko Sawada at Rose Gallery
ArtScene, March 2016

Sant Khalsa at PCC
Afterimage, Afterimage May/June, 2016

Diana Thater at LACMA
Afterimage, Afterimage March/April, 2016

Petra Cortright / Ben Jones / Casey Reas
Afterimage, Afterimage January/February, 2016