Jody Zellen - The Human Touch

February 24 - March 6, 2020
Window Dressing Series
Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA

The Human Touch - An Augmented Reality Project

Wherever Jody Zellen travels throughout the United States and abroad, she documents the distinct graffiti and other wall markings she encounters. When she later views these photographs upon her return home, she often imagines what might happen if the graffiti could come alive and the figures and faces could become animated. To that end, she has recently been working with augmented reality software to create animations that extend the life of the original images. For her installation, The Human Touch, she has installed large-scale digital reproductions of her photographs. A QR code posted nearby with instructions allows visitors to download Artivive ( a free augmented reality application that lets them view the photographs along with an overlay of animations that bring the individual images to life. -- James MacDevitt