As the mediascape concurrently expands and contracts, content creators are under growing pressure to develop new genres which simultaneously transcend and integrate media across a variety of high- and low-tech platforms. This content is designed to be extensible and interactive from its inception, and include long-term strategies for development and dissemination, anticipating yet uninvented media platforms. It also contains healthy doses of audience participation and collaboration, empowering users to become co-creators in their own content and entertainment experiences.

This series will look at a variety of creative content strategies for the age of convergence and divergence, including: transmedia; the use of artificial intelligence in storytelling; multi-user role playing games and online communities; surveillance genres; simulcast, Web and television hybrids; location-based entertainment; as well as future trends such ubiquitous computing, toy design and mobile media. The series will bring together some of the top thinkers in new media for a glimpse into the distant present and the near future of entertainment and media content creation.