Consider This . . .
April 9 - January 14, 2007

Consider LACMALab's fifth exhibition. The show will continue the LACMALab mandate to investigate new models for presenting art and engaging audiences through the commission of participatory, "age-free" installations. In addition, it will incorporate the results of the recent critical review commissioned by LACMA and will be designed by the internationally known artist, Barbara Kruger.

LACMALab has commissioned six artists to examine the cultural and social landscape: who are we and who do we want to be? The goal of the exhibition is to fuse analytical thinking and creative expression at a time when there is a heightened need for meaningful discourse.

The artists, Mark Bradford, Dorit Cypis, Margaret Honda, Philip Rantzer, Mario Ybarra, Jr., and Bruce Yonemoto, were chosen for their ability to provide a thoughtful, provocative, and constructive response to the questions posed. As always, the artists represent different generations and work in a wide range of mediums. If they choose, the artists may select objects from LACMA's permanent collections to incorporate into their installations.

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