News Wheel and other projects

I want to briefly mention a few projects in which I use the news to contextualize my latest mobile app News Wheel that launched in November 2015.

All The News That's Fit to Print, is a net art project created in 2006 where headlines from the New York Times are juxtaposed with front page images and the scan of the front page. Each time the screen is refreshed a different combination appears.

Without A Trace, first created in 2009 and revised in 2016 also explores random juxtaposition of news content. In this project a current headline via RSS Feed is presented in relation to a computer trace of an international news image and three other visual elements that are programmed to change on a daily basis.

Time Jitters, 2014 begins with images collected in Without A Trace and uses them as the foundation for a series of animations. It has been presented as single channel projection, as part of an installation and is also an iOS app.

News Wheel, is an iOS app that explores the poetics of ever changing news headlines. It begins as a static disk divided into nine sections each representing a different news source. Tapping anywhere on the screen causes the wheel to spin. Another tap stops the wheel and suddenly a headline in one of nine pre-selected colors appears on the screen. This playful interface invites users to start and stop the wheel eventually filling the screen with a collage of current headlines. Individual words can be deleted and repositioned so users can create their own poems from this content. In addition, dragging one's finger across the screen creates an animated chain of fragmented and poetic text derived from today's headline news. News Wheel is a creative and poetic way to view, juxtapose and interpret world events.

News Wheel (like my other apps) can be download for free from iTunes. Please share the app and spread the word! THANK YOU.

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