Director, Writer, Editor:Jessica Yu

Producers:Jessica Yu
Elise Pearlstein
Susan West

Executive Producers:Greg Carr
Noble Smith

Cinematography:Russell Harper
Karl Hahn

Music By:Jeff Beal

Title Animation Design:Robert Conner

Puppet Design: Janie Geiser

Senior Researcher: Susan Spence

Researchers: Miriam Holzapfel
Daniel Levin
Renee Tod

Additional Art: Jory Felice
Scott Marvel Cassidy
Jerry Buszek

Translation: Daniel Levin
Nicole Spaar

Greek Voiceover:Chris Diamantopolous
Marina Sirtis
John Kapelos

Casting:Linda LaMontagne

Dialect Coach:Maria Diamantopoulos

Gaffer:Stuart Cropley

Grip: Derek Voy

Video Tech: Ralph King

A.C.: Forrest Thurman

Production Assistant: Lori Matsumoto

Craft Services: Piper Olaf

Stills Photographer: Alia Malley

Puppet Crew:

Segment Producer:Frier McCollister

Puppetry Coordinator:Janie Geiser

Set Design:Melissa Ficociello

Costume Design:Noel Henke

Props:Frier McCollister

Specialty Props:Susan West

Scenic Construction: Jerry Buszek

Master Puppet Construction:Rob Saunders

Puppet Construction Crew:Alison Heimstead
Greg Ballora
Sarah Whicker
Laurie O'Brien

Assistant Costumer:Sandra Burns

Puppeteers: Matt Bailey
Greg Ballora
Kristin Charney
Janie Geiser
Alison Heimstead
Laurie O'Brien
Christine Papalexis
Eli Presser
Rob Saunders

Apprentice Puppeteers: Jessica Yu
Elise Pearlstein


Gaffer:David "Blue" Thompson

Grip:Adan Galindo

Video Tech:Peter Gray
Ken Roy

Production Assistant:Chris Nguyen


Field Producer:Ellin Baumel

A.C.: Ben Bloodwell

Gaffer :Ned Hallick

Sound :Merce Williams

Production Assistant:David Ebmeier


Production Manager:Cicely Mendinzeff

Cinematography: Jean Jacques Reverend

Sound:Mustapha Cheriet

A.C.: Gabriel Buti

Gaffer :Alain Thuot

Production Assistant:Thibault Josse

Translation: :Helene Greubel
Kristine Thiemann


The Euripides String Ensemble
Contractor: David Low
Woodwinds:Chris Bleth
Keyboards, Oud, and Percussion: Jeff Beal

Online editor: Matt Small
Pair of Hands

Additional Visual Effects: Thom Whitehead

HD Colorist:Kevin O'Connor

Post intern:Kathy Huang

Post Production Sound Services

Provided by:Widget Post Production

Re-recording Mixer:Matthew Iadarola

Supervising Sound Editor:Rob Getty M.P.S.E.

Sound Editors:Jonathan Coomes
Jared Marshack

Laser Film Recording Provided by: E Film

Ancient Greek Consultant: Jody Valentine

Euripides translation
The Complete Greek Tragedies, Vol. III, eds. David Grene and Richmond Lattimore 1958 The University of Chicago

Stock footage courtesy of:
Film Images
Fox News, Inc.
MacDonald and Associates
Kung Fu licensed by Warner Bros. Television
The Right Stuf International, Inc.

Photographs courtesy of:
The Granger Collection
Lutz Kleinhans, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
ONE Institute and Archives
Pressefoto VOTAVA
Astrid Proll

"Sweet Transvestite"
Music and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Druid Crest Music (BMI)
Administered by Wixen Publishing

Andrei Markovits
Hamburger Institut fur Sozialforschung
The Kolaski Family
Kerry Baldwin and Patricia Heller, Ridgefield High School
Colorado Wine Company
Silverlake Independent JCC/The Episcopalian Diocese of Los Angeles
Kathy Murphy
William Bertrand
Andrew Brandou
Megan Brooks
Margit Hasel
Miles Hondagneu-Messner
Paul Loya
William McKeefrey
Erich Salzman
Joe Salzman
Jimmy Tsai
Kara Vallow
Marty Yu

Copyright 2006
Carr Foundation and Jessica Yu

90 minutes - USA - 2006

Shot in DVCPRO HD with the Panasonic VariCam
Sound is Dolby 5.1 Surround Mix.