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Yearly Photography Projects
In 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2013 (For some reason I skipped 2014) I shot a photograph to represent each day of the year and presented them on a single webpage.

For 2018, I shot two pictures; one with a word and one of street art-- graffiti or faces or something unusual I happened upon during my walks, art outings and travels.

You can see these new collections here:

The Human Touch
for YOMO, (Youth Mobile Festival)
at the Los Angeles Convention Center
September 12-14, 2018

Mis (Missing) Information
Charlie James Gallery, April 28 - June 2, 2018
Co-organized by Jody Zellen and Brian Moss

Open Mind Art Space, April 21 - May 11, 2018

Every (ongoing) Day
Arena 1 Gallery, March 17 - April 14, 2018
Organized by Jody Zellen and Pam Posey

LAX Terminal 3 arrival area

Above the Fold, Public Art project at LAX, on view May 2017- January 2018. 80 Gouache on paper paintings.

Lenticular Images

A series of 8 lenticular images using images and headlines from my News Wheel app. Click the image above to see them as animated gifs.

Crenshaw-Imperial Branch Library
Inglewood, CA

Permanent installation of 11 stainless steel cut-outs that are abstractions of iconic architecture in the city of Inglewood, CA.

Doodle Box

Doodle Box at Proxy Gallery, Los Angeles, October 1 -31, 2016

Black Out, 2016, 11:00

Black Out is an animation that goes from light to dark.

Drawings 2016

While I continue to make my daily drawings on A4 paper (a ritual I began in 2004), I have also begun to fill 22 x 30 inch paper with these obsessive doodles.

Here and Gone, 2015
UCR Riverside, CA

Here and Gone is a single channel video installation, featuring a pixelated scene of social unrest scrolling leisurely in the background while anonymous and oblivious figures are drawn over/into the frame, implying gesture and division simultaneously. These figures are captured as they continue on their way-- on the go, heavily involved in their own world, ignoring the diverse humanity that circulates around them in the public sphere.

Bike Rack, 2014
Ocean Park Boulevard and Second Street, Santa Monica, CA

I was one to two artists commissioned by the city of Santa Monica to create artist designed bike racks. I often chain my bike to trees so thought why not make a bright green tree shaped bike rack that would be a functional piece of sculpture.

Time Jitters, 2014
Grand Central Arts Center, Santa Ana, CA

An exhibition on view from June 7 - August 10, 2014 that features a two channel video projection and 40 gouache paintings.

Transitions, 2013
dnj Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

In the spring of 2013 I had a show at dnj Gallery at Bergamot Station. This exhibition, entitled Transitions, explored the relationships between images and the narrative threads that can be intuited from the juxtapositions. The installation became a montage of montages.


In 2005 I started a daily drawing ritual and have been making daily drawings since I began this practice. Each morning I currently make two drawings. One is akin to a scribble made to the rhythm of the first song I hear in iTunes that is longer than 3 minutes. The second drawing contains small figures. Sometimes that drawing is sparse, other times the page is filled with numerous shapes and figures.


The figures in these drawings begged to leave the confines of the page, so I began to animate them. Fragments and Trials and Tribulations of Life are looping animations that contain these figures.

Net Art Projects

In addition to making daily drawings, for many years I saved, as well as traced images from the newspaper. These images, as year-long collections, were used in my net art projects Without a Trace and Lines of life.

Most recently this source material has become the foundation for my digital collages as well as my gouache paintings. These were shown as large grids in the exhibition Above the Fold at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC from January 31 - March 8, 2014. Click the images below to see examples of the paintings and digital collages.

News Wheel, 2017
in collaboration with Daniel Rothman
Long Beach City College
February 9 - March 9, 2017

News Wheel at LBCC combines Jody Zellen's graphical interface with Daniel Rothman's audio installation, literally spinning the traditional newspaper and radio platforms for news reportage, through their web-based mediums.

Projected on the wall as a spinning pie is a news wheel accessing 9 popular printed international news outlets. Gallery visitors touch an iPad screen in the center of the room to stop it, yielding their headlines in real time, which she/he may rearrange by dragging words for relevance or poetic content to create a news haiku, like a Duchamp cut-up.

Around the space are 8 small loudspeakers, from which news from 8 radio stations (at low volume) spin from speaker to speaker, at the same rate as the projected pie. The spinning audio stops when the pie is stopped--one station per channel--and their composite audio can be aurally perceived as whatever local, national, international, and fake environment is broadcast at that time.

News Wheel, 2016
Los Angeles, Municipal Art Gallery, CA
October 16, 2016 - January 8, 2017

News Wheel is an interactive app that explores the poetics of ever changing news headlines. It begins as a static disk divided into nine sections each representing a different news source and tinted a different color. tapping anywhere on the screen causes the wheel to spin. Another tap stops the wheel and suddenly a headline in one of the nine pre-selected colors appears on the screen. This playful interface invites users to start and stop the wheel eventually filling the screen with a collage of current headlines. News Wheel is a creative and poetic way to view, juxtapose and interpret world events from myriad and divergent sources. Click the image to view an installation diagram.

News Wheel, 2016
Code and Noise
Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
September 10-October 9

The Unemployed, 2014
San Jose of Contemporary Art

Poetic Codings is an exhibition of iPad apps and projections. It is on view at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art from May 31- September 6, 2014. Included is my interactive installation The Unemployed as well as my six iPad apps.

Time Jitters, 2014
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC

Time Jitters is an immersive experience consisting of four floor to ceiling projections. One wall contains a grid of twenty-five animations all of which loop at different rates becoming a cacophony of pulsing color and flickering imagery. Opposite this wall is a single channel 18 minute animation that combines drawn and appropriated imagery which is a meditation on how the news media presents world events. The walls adjacent to these animations house interactive visual and sonic elements. As people engage with the installation, the interactive walls become a collage of overlapping images and sounds whose tones are constantly in flux.

stills and video documentation

The Unemployed, 2011
Disseny Hub Museum, Barcelona

"The Unemployed" is an interactive installation that visualizes world wide unemployment. Using data culled from online sources that list unemployment rates by country, "The Unemployed" represents the jobless as animated figures who inhabit a generic cityscape. Whenever a viewer enters the space of the installation, their silhouette is captured by a video camera. The software instructs the figures to inhabit that shape and move with it for the duration that they are in the camera's scope of view. The silhouette metaphorically becomes an available labor force as well as the visible presence of the jobless.


disseny hub video documentation

The Blackest Spot, 2008
Fringe Exhibitions, LA

The Blackest Spot was an interactive installation that used Elias Canetti's seminal text "Crowds and Power" as its point of departure. Canetti speaks of crowds as a mysterious and universal phenomenon whose density creates the 'blackest spot'. Using images of crowds culled from the daily newspaper, The Blackest Spot explored the representation of crowds and the myriad of reasons for public gatherings. Using animated imagery, fragments of sounds from well know speeches throughout history, and drawing, this installation transformed the gallery space at Fringe Exhibitions in Los Angeles' Chinatown into an arena placing the viewer in the role of audience or speaker. As viewers interacted with triggers strategically placed on the floor of the space, they choreographed their own experience. Alternating between contemplative quiet and a cacophony of cheers, the many facets of public gatherings were explored.


Selected Press

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ARTiculAction Art Review Interview.
Click here for PDF

Interview by Stigmart VideoFocus. Click here to see the interview.

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News Wheel, 2015

News Wheel is an app that explores the poetics of ever changing news headlines. It begins as a spinning disk divided into nine sections each representing a different news source. This playful interface invites users to start and stop the wheel eventually filling the screen with a collage of current headlines. Individual words can be deleted and repositioned so users can create their own poems from this content . In addition, dragging one's finger across the screen creates an animated chain of text derived from today's headline news.

Time Jitters, 2014

Time Jitters is an app where animated clips, connected to random sounds (created by Yiorgos Vassilandonakis and Seth Stoudenmier) can be scaled and repositioned creating a collage of overlapping visual and sonic elements.

Episodic, 2013

Episodic is an app that allows users to scale and reposition twelve short animations to create new narratives and explore relationships between them. It began as a linear animation called Fragments, which in part was derived from my drawing practice.

4 Square, 2012

4 Square randomly juxtaposes fragments from my drawings and digital collages with 3 words and the 256 web safe colors. Tapping each square changes the images. Dragging the squares changes their positions.

original drawings

original digital collages

Urban Rhythms, 2011

Urban Rhythms, is an artwork that functions as a metaphor for how people navigate in and through urban space. It is a creative interpretation of the paths people travel when they wander through the city. Using animated stick-like figures as a stand in for urban inhabitants, Urban Rhythms is a code-based exploration of how people move in urban spaces.

Spine Sonnet, 2011

Spine Sonnet is an automatic poem generator in the tradition of found poetry that randomly composes 14 line sonnets derived from an archive of over 2500 art and architectural theory and criticism book titles. Rather than present scan of the book spines, I typed all the titles into a database that is housed in the app. Each tap of the screen reveals a new poem.



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