Barbara Berk
JonMarc Edwards
Alexandra Grant
Mara Lonner
Brian Moss
Stas Orlovski
Aaron Noble
Steve Roden
Kim Schoenstadt
Jay Stuckey

Curated by Jody Zellen

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My drawings and drawing performances are about the physical act of drawing and about drawing as an extension of the body. Many drawings use repetition by taking a simple gesture and repeating it until it transforms into something else. I set arbitrary limits, such as duration, using one continuous line, or drawing with a pencil until the pencil is completely used. I often use my body's limitations, such as physical endurance, or the reach of my wrist, arms, or legs. All the drawings are done on paper or directly on the wall with graphite, without erasing, shading or color. "give and take" has been conceived especially for this exhibition. Using two facing walls which act as a passage between two larger spaces within the gallery, "give and take" is to be experienced both as a performance and as a record of its making.


Barbara Berk's work includes installations, performances, books, photographs and drawings. Among her recent drawing performances are "2000 Revolutions" at the Riverside Art Museum, "Traces" at El Camino College, "Stepping in with Both Feet", at the Japanese American Cultural Center, and "Without Words: Twenty-One Drawings, Twenty-One Days" at The Floating Storefront Studio, Irvine. Barbara Berk was born in Chicago, Illinois and has an M. F. A. from Pratt Institute, New York. She is the recipient of a Fulbright grant to Oslo, Norway, and has exhibited in Europe and the U.S.. She has taught at Otis College of Art and Design and at Bosphorus University, in Istanbul, Turkey. She was guest curator of "Manipulated and Handmade Artist Books" at the John Wayne Airport, and, in February, 2005, will curate an artist book exhibition at the Ontario International Airport.