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Curated by Jody Zellen

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Heavy Weight Words

JonMarc Edwards hefty black wall characters come from a larger body of work known as Monosyble. Monosyble is a reconfiguration of text, compressing single words or word sequences into a new visual form. Abstract but legible, the Monosyble construct bears a resemblance to Chinese characters, Arabic calligraphy or Mayan script, depending on the intent of a particular work. JME's wall piece Heavy Weight Words utilizes basic construction materials; 2' x 4's, screws, paint, etc. to create a textual and tactile balancing act between the gravitational pull of content and form. The word choices are semantically 'weighty' and oppositional but at the same time complimentary and poetic depending on what order they are decoded. The viewer always has the option to either quickly digest the text and integrate the content with the physical attributes of the piece or simply look at the wall in formalistic terms and ricochet off the dynamic non-movement of the composition. Hence, a battle of dualities emerges and ignites the piece into a swirling cantilever of multiple poetic arrangements.


JonMarc Edwards is a working and breathing artist living in Los Angeles (neither of which is easy). JME refers to his work as visual poetry and incorporates many traditional & non-traditional materials to capture his fanciful insights and erudite opinions. 'Art is the soapbox of self-expression.' JME has received numerous awards and commissions including (but not limited to) the recent Neiman-Marcus Painting Commission and the not so recent Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Fellowship. His work has been televised nationally as well as exhibited internationally and he will be having a one-person exhibition in May at the Carl Berg Gallery in Los Angeles.

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