Barbara Berk
JonMarc Edwards
Alexandra Grant
Mara Lonner
Brian Moss
Stas Orlovski
Aaron Noble
Steve Roden
Kim Schoenstadt
Jay Stuckey

Curated by Jody Zellen

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My work has grown out my love for drawing and building, my interests in design and architecture, and my fascination with ornament and gardening. Although my primary motive in approaching my work is always formal (I love the process of drawing I.E. what information and visual relationships evolve out of the act itself) I use the above subjects to resonate, rather than illustrate, moods and attitudes in our contemporary American world.

This piece brings together for the first time three distinct directions in my work. The underlying painted graphics/line/flowers on the walls derive from "The Sunset Series," a recent body of work inspired by the contents of Sunset magazine and drawings based on graphic/organic and abstract/figurative elements. Overlaying these are motifs influenced by architectural ornamental reliefs constructed out of joint compound.


Mara Lonner began her creative pursuits as a designer. Projects included custom clothing design, theatrical costume design for off Broadway theater in New York and in Los Angeles, jewelry and product design and architectural remodeling and interior design. She has been a professional artist and educator since graduating from CaArts in 1989, participating in a number of one person and group shows across the country.