Barbara Berk
JonMarc Edwards
Alexandra Grant
Mara Lonner
Brian Moss
Stas Orlovski
Aaron Noble
Steve Roden
Kim Schoenstadt
Jay Stuckey

Curated by Jody Zellen

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Some Stereo Paths (Eyes Closed Listening)

Some Stereo Paths (Eyes Closed Listening) was created directly on the wall in a corner space and is a site specific hybrid of two bodies of work I have been working with over the past 10 years. The first aspect of the work is a site specific soundscape created from field recordings of the gallery space as well as the surrounding area. I dragged a microphone around the perimeter of the gallery, recorded myself tapping on metal railings, stepping on grass, carpet, pathways, etc. as well as recording vents and machinery making drones. These recordings were abstracted through electronic manipulation to generate the soundscape that now plays continuously in the space. Once the soundscape was completed, I took the sound into the space via headphones and did drawings on the walls with both hands, listening to the soundscape with my eyes closed - allowing the sound to generate my hand movements, and thus generating the drawings through my ears and to my fingers.


Steve Roden is a visual and sound artist from Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited in arts spaces locally and internationally since 1987. He has an MFA from Art Center College of Design and a BFA from Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles. His work involves abstraction, translation, rules, systems, and wandering. He will have a solo show in May at Gallery e/static Torino and in July with Susanne Veilmetter Los Angeles.

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